About Tracee

tracee before weight loss

(This is a picture of me with my first daughter in 2005, one I wasn’t happy about being in, but thankful I have it)

My humble beginnings…

I struggled with my weight my entire life, even as a kid in grade school. I didn’t grow up enjoying sports or doing any type of exercise either.

As an adult, I tried just about every “DIET” there is… from diet pills, diet shakes, diet programs like South Beach, Weight Watchers, Whole30, Shakeology… you  name it, I’ve probably tried it or looked into it.

Some of what I tried worked, but I would end up falling back into old habits and gain it all back.

After my first daughter was born in 2005, I was at highest weight and I was MISERABLE. I cried… a lot… I had this beautiful baby girl, but I was so unhappy and I never wanted my picture to be taken with her.


In 2012, I was introduced to a 12-week program where I met with a health coach once a week. I became educated and learned things like how to eat the right foods at the right times, how to read nutrition labels, how bad sugar is for you and the damage it can do, what to look for when grocery shopping and more.

I felt great! I had ENERGY and I was HAPPY! My taste buds changed and I enjoyed foods I never thought I would. Oh! And I even started exercising, found out that I LOVED lifting weights! For once in my life, I felt empowered, strong and confident.


I continued to follow this program and even became a health & weight loss coach for it. My business was known as Faith & Fitness and I held weight loss classes at my local pharmacy, Meds & More. 

I kept the weight off for over a year. Unfortunately, I never truly learned to change some of the unhealthy behaviors and unhealthy habits.. And eventually, I gave back into them and gained some of the weight back. 

faith & fitness with tracee


What I realized through the years of the ups and downs, was that NOTHING compared to having a health coach, or accountability partner,  to check in with. Because of the example my first coach set, and the impact she had on me, it gave me this deep desire to find a program that truly worked and help coach others. I also wanted something that was all natural, that didn’t contain things like artificial dyes & sweeteners.

I searched and tried several programs over several years before I finally found something again that I felt very passionate about! Thanks to a new friend who truly inspired me, I have become (almost obsessed) with some really amazing all natural vitamins and supplements! And the best part is, weight loss has just been a side affect of getting healthier!

My motto in life is, “Everything happens for a reason, God’s got this!” and that’s exactly what happened. From the moment I heard her story, I just knew this was an answer to a prayer. This is was what I have been searching for, for a long time! For that, I thank the Lord!


Since I have come to realize just how important having an accountability partner is, I made the commitment to pay it forward and help others with their weight loss journey. While I am still on my journey to my health and weight loss goals, and I always will be because it’s a lifestyle, it is my passion to help people dream, believe and achieve their health goals.

Let’s work together to create life changing moments and achieve big goals!



Faith is something I am passionate about and love to share. I am a creative individual and I believe everything happens for a reason, God's got this!


You only have one life to live. I will coach, guide and encourage you along your weight loss journey. With the right tools & education, you too, can achieve success!


How would you rate your happiness? Inspiration and motivation is something I enjoy sharing. I would love to help you find the happiness within.

What have I learned over the years?

After years of trying diet after diet, a few things I learned are the following:

  • Having a health coach to help keep you accountable, can make all the difference in the world with your weight loss journey.
  • I don’t enjoy the gym, instead I found that I actually REALLY enjoy weight lifting at home!
  • I actually like lots of different types of vegetables. I had no idea!
  • More water, more weight loss!

(This is a picture of me with my first daughter, taken in 2016.)